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based on developer reviews as of August 2022

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Participating in various initiatives related to my new profession is a terrific way to keep broadening my horizons!
Seçil Ercan Özay
UI/UX Designer
Even though I've only been a software developer for a year, it's a real honor to work with Ekip because I want to get better. Since I've been here, I've been thrilled by how great the team's culture is. I can learn more here than anywhere else, and I can get better in any area I want.
Ali Abdiyev
Node.js Developer
I ran into by chance. The most appealing thing about the open positions was that I could work remotely. During our first job interview, I noticed that the team had a lot of energy, was welcoming, and had an open mind. This is very pleasing. Having a wide range of projects to work on is a great way to learn a lot.
Ayşegül Konuray
Business Analyst
I have been a backend developer for the past two years. Ekip is a big part of my career right now. Even though I have a lot of experience with software, I chose to work for Ekip instead of another company. Here, I had the chance to learn a very good team structure as well as new tools and technologies. The team also gave me the space I needed to grow. It's great to be able to work when and where I want.
Hurşit Yasin Pekşen
Node.js Developer